Parent Signup


Why register with Edumarket

As parents it can get difficult to find the right sources for books, uniforms, and other school related items. Instead of browsing hundreds of online and physical stores, get your school to register with Edumarket. One-of-a-kind e-commerce portal for the education sector, we have sellers from all over the world registered with us. Request your child’s school to register with us and start shopping.

Benefits to parents

A parent from a registered school is privy to numerous perks. Edumarket is all about reducing the hassle in shopping for your child’s education needs and makes sure the parents have a smooth shopping process.

  • One stop destination for all your needs
  • Easy return policy routed directly to school
  • Pick-up your orders straight from school without waiting for delivery person
  • Widest selection of products from the best sellers around the world
  • Exclusive access to discounts and promotions

How to register

Edumarket partners with schools directly to sell the products. As parents if you wish to shop from Edumarket, send a mail to your school requisition for a registration. Upon their registration, parents get an invitation to join and shop.